terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2008

Q tipo de assassino é vc?

You kill with magic.
You are very skilled with magic, but have poor
fighting skills. But it doesn't really matter
anyway since it can be as powerful as other
weapons. You are probably missunderstood by
people and have some pain inside you. You are
not the kind of person to start a fight, but if
you are provocted you respond. You probably
don't have that many friends either though you
might want some. According to you life is a
lonely journey and you try not to care to much.
Most people who are witches or anything similar
is thought to be evil and want to see all
people suffer. That however is not true. You
don't feel that much joy seeing others in pain.
You are probably peaceful and quiet when left

Main weapon: Potions and spells
Quote: "A man can be destroyed but
not defeated" -Ernest Hemingway
Facial expression: Blank eyes

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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batata disse...

meu deus.. esses quizes tao fazendo moh sucesso entre meus amigos...

finalmente vc achou um q combina cm vc xD
sua assassina prolixa cotucadora de barrigas huaua

acho q vc nao mata cm magia nao... talvez seja cm unhadas.. ou voadoras.. pior q vc faz isso mesmo.. achei q nunca ia me deparar cm uma japinha tao doida quanto vc \o/

acho q nao vo copia esse quiz neh.. mas qm sabe vou fazê-lo algum dia ^^

bjos ;**

Wilson disse...

Li . Foi lido . so para constar.